Never give up

By sudden a little angry man jumped up and down the page. Of course I like you to be inspired of the information I send out however the sender of this has totally misunderstood the mission. I want you to do physical activities, indoors, outdoors but not on my webpage. Please understand any kind of try to destroy any of Se Marketing’s pages will be brought further on.


Though I had to put a lot of effort to solve the problem of beeing hacked I continued to do my training even though I could write about. I will never give up to hackers.

Obstacles and force

Results over time

So my page been hacked and my web hotel shot it down. To be honest I wasn’t really happy about it but as I am an entrepreneur I daily face problems and this was another one that I had to put on my problems-to-solve-list.

Well, with a high priority and a good helping hand I solved the problem and the page was up running again.

Time is a problem for me. I always have to measure the time and  see how I can coup with it, however training has a high priority to me so I always try to do some kind of sportive activity.

I couldn’t continue to write about it, however it didn’t stop me from going to the fitness centre.

So if I look back and make a comparison from last time I suppose to write about it. I always keep notes about the result. This is a good thing to do to see how you develop over time.

If I look at my notes of the display I can see that I ran some distance and did some great things over the summer. The figures below show my distance and the result shows my improvement. I added a note over what I did instead of date, moments in our life give us better memories than figures and are much more pleasent.

4.85 after midsommer

4.91 Halmstad tylösand

4.93 eaten lost of nuts, a music festival

5.11 had a good golf play

5.08 went to Boras and wrote about O-ringen

5.24 went to see Roxette

5.30 started to eat more ecco products

5.31 Done a new photo shoot by the beach with my photographer

5.36 went to Marstrand

5.50 making fantastic strawberry drinks

5.54 went to the Culture party

5.55 Made a new photoshoot with my photographer for Calos (

5.48 Made a new photo shoot

5.49 Watch a air ballon outside the gym and draw some labels

5.49 Had a relaxing weekend at the sea

5.60 Photographed and watched  the AC45Fers in the Americas Cup .

looking at the running results over the period from the summer, starting with 4,85 the results during 30 minutes has improved. I t has not as the results over the period shows  been totally increasing-instead it has been some ups and downs. But in the end it has shown a small improvement. I believe anyone can obtain slow improvements over the time and this is a secure way to improve your physical condition.