Stress and anger management


One of the big threats for us is  stress, something that no matter our body size, it is very hard to protect your self from it. One way to reduce stress and anger is to do a sport activity.

No only reducing the stress factor by activating your body you also protect yourself from creating the highest stress top bye doing physical activities you canalizing the anger.

The latest month has been stressful and going to the gym and being out running in the forest has helped me to continue processing in an forward direction in work.

Do you think about your training routine?

In order to keep inner harmony we need to balance our lives. I been training much harder than I use to do, this spring and summer. In the same time I had lots of work to do.  Without knowing I felt weaker.

Sometime when we are in the middle of a situation or a period of time and we tend to not  really see what is happening to us. We keep on going and so did I without really seeing that the body needed some rest.

As much as training is healthy, rest has also an important impact on the body. Than as you can see under I was working with reporting about the Americas Cup and I wasn’t going down to do any training at the fitness centre. I didn’t have any rest from physical activity however, it was breaking the routine was the thing that got my motivation back. So yesterday when I was back at the gym again I did my cross hill and I ran. I was expecting myself to be in less good condition  because of one week break but actually I surprised myself and did better. I than realised that my better result consisted of a higher motivation and that the routine caused me some kind of stress that I could break. Beeing away a week wasn’t so bad as I expected and resting was healthy for my body I got some good new energy and I managed to increase my running result two days in a row.