Sunday Morning Training

The weather is great and it is almost 10.00 o’clock here. I just finished my morning training:

sit up cycling:  50×2, (I rest in the paus but I don’t lay down the legs)

plank 3 min

side plank 1 min each side

buttom lift 100 in total, 10 quick in set 10 times

100 squats (10 x 10)

80 lunge (10 x 8)

Now I will eat some breakfast and go to work. Hope you have a great day and try it out! 😀

Plank – my favorite


I have been making a new morning program for me. After my trip to Teneriffa I was in good shape and I could easily do the core exercise. It is actually one of my favorite exercises. Therefor I decided to do a short exercise before breakfast.

Side Plank

Before breakfast I do 3 min plank and than I turn to one the right side and doing 1 min side plank. After that minute I do another minute on the left side.