Travel to Teneriffa

I started to do fitness at the university and I been doing it since then. It was a nice way to do something else than just study, come out of the student room and move a little bit.

I this year I went to Teneriffa. It was an amazing journey and I want to tell you about it.

 On the flight to Teneriffa I baught this rawbar, a good and healthy alternative to keep the blood sugar in a good condition.

It was a rehabilitation trip, however I did not expect that it should do so much good to me. Because of that I got the true understanding of how important training and a healthy living is that I decided to share that with you. I decided to start this site in order to inspire and motivate a healthy living.

We arrived and ha a day to take it easy, look around and discover the area that we traveled to. I was expecting lazy days, however I later on realised I was mistaken…

The first day, at 08.00 am , the physics started. I did 1 hour of training and after that we had breakfast. Starving for sun I directly started to take sun. Be careful the first days. Start with a very high factor, I do 50 and I have a high UVB protection, skin type 5. So if you have a skin type of lower natural protection, be careful and use a high UVB protection.

The hotel offered a buffet, rich on vegetables and protein every day. The first days we were in heaven!

Later at the same day I went running and than took part of the physiotherapy in the swimming pool before eating dinner.


Photographer Sophie Berg

Feature Editor Sophie Berg