Daily training routines- summing up

Daily training routines- summing up

I been going on and off in period to the fitness centre since I went to the university. So after my travel to Teneriffa, once again I started to do fitness as a routine and it felt very naturally. The card expired after only one month  and when the date of exit were there I was at resistance 24 on the Cross hill, or the maximum.

I changed fitness centre and the cross hill machine was not of the same brand and a little bit different. I feel that the distance to step up and down are less between them. This cause that I can feel symptoms of pain in my knees.

At the new gym I started on the cross hill, warming up, 30 minutes like always. I went from a manual program to what the call alpine program.

At the 20150629 I run in 30 minutes, a distance of 4.98 and burned in average 735 cal/h. The middle speed was 9.9 and the average minutes pro km was 6.08, no vertical distance.   At this time I only noticed the result of my running, however the procedures are the same, every day.  However I am about to illustrated a bit of a change and increased results.

20150702 I did the cross hill at a distance of 2.30, resistance 15  and 304 calories. Than directly after the warming up I start to run as usual. In 30 minutes I did 4.85 km, burned 734 calories pro hour, did an average speed of 6.11 minutes pro km and an average speed of 9.7, no vertical distance and burnt 702 calories in average pro hour.

At the 20150709 I had resistance 16 at the Alpine pass. Burning 364 calories and made 2.61 in distance.

After that my routines are to run.The average cal/h was 709 , and measured 12.2 lap in 30 minutes. At this time I did 4.91 km and burned 357 calories. The middle speed was 9.7, no vertical distance. The average speed was 6.11 min/km.

After that I do oarage/rowing in 10 minutes, always with 10 in resistance.

Then at the 20150710 I again did the cross hill this time I burned 362 and did 2.66 in distance, in 30 minutes.

Once again I ran in 30 minutes and I did 4.93 km and burned 358 calories. The average speed is 9.8  and the average cal pro hour 711, no vertical distance.

This is the condition part that I do- cross hill, running and rowing after that I start to train the muscles with weights. Later in the blogg I will go deeper into this.

In all the figures don’t matter the most important is to feel the improvement, and to have a plan for it. This shows a slow progress over time that I easily can hold at the moment. I feel very happy over my health, I am not tired and I can easily do stuff with out feeling stressed or tired.

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