In pain- take your time

Yesterday I woke up, I had some pain in the ear and than also in the hip. I think I got cold the other day when I was at the beach and took a bath. After that I sat on the cliff in the very cold wind. My ears are sensitive so I should know better! Anyway my ear wasn’t i perfect condition and my hip caused me trouble.

In this moment I change my training focus after lot of experience of how to begin to improve my health. My walking is slow, and I try not to stand with weight on the hip when I walk. I took the car down to the gym instead of the bike that I normally do.

Then at the gym I am concerned of not putting to much resistance on the cross hill at first. Like normal I choose the alpine program.  This program increase its resistance in 3 parts and at the top, there is most resistance, and on the other part it is less and it goes easier. Normally when I think the resistance is to low down hill I increase the resistance but today I didn’t I followed the program.

After that I took a decision. I was not sure before I started how I would manage to run, but after the warming up I felt good so I choose to continue.

I manage to run in 30 minutes, burned 378 calories and ran 5.08. I did 12.7 lap and ran with an average speed of 5.56 minutes pro km. In average I burned 756 calories pro hour, no vertical distance. The Average speed was 10.1

It is actually possible to achieve training results if you adapt the time to let your joints go smooth before you start. It is important to listen to the signal from your body. This has taken my many many years and therefor I say be very careful.