Running Improve your result

Like many of us do when we go to the gym we want to increase the weight. So have even I and since I like speed. I often go running. I spend 1,5 hour at the gym daily.

I like to run and I have tried to increase my running distance. But for a while I had to stop. Time was a factor, I had too much to do, so I lost my speed. I was sad about it because I worked really hard to improve the distance and speed.

But than I started again, this time I got pain in my knees. So I tried to change it. I took one day of, from time to time, to see if it would improve. I didn’t so I hade to make a bigger change for me. So I did and now I am running stronger again. I have running days, and other days where I made a program to follow. This program includes machines and free weights.

The result of it is that I improve my strength and my endurance. I run again, today I am back again at 11.5 in speed and I am trying to get back to 12.8 again. At least I feel happy again that I am back, I am not yet there but I am close.