Standing Calf and stretching

Sitting at café drinking a warm cup of Roobios and reflecting over my funny walk here I realize that I once gain done a classic mistake. From nothing I started doing hundred standing calf. I think that my mistake originally come from knowing that my training pass normally focus on strengthen the legs. I was so eager to continue my life after the exercise that skipped stretching.



I don’t knew for how many years I seen it. For example when I was playing football, the girls was more agile than the boys. I started dancing early and stretching was always a necessity to do. However playing football the minutes of stretching decreased fast.

So today on my walk to the café shop I remembered my dance teacher’s words about stretching. So my advice for today is not to follow my example, and from now on I will better do my stretching excises after and next time after doing the hundred standing calf it won’t hurt.