The Conclusion


My time in Teneriffa was great. I met a group of people wit the same need- to improve their health condition. I tasted health and fresh food, served with lots of choices, three times a day.

With all the hours of training I ate twice as much as normal and I gain one kilo in total.


I got routine to go to the fitness centre, almost every day. I had physiotherapy in the warm swimming pool. I was not so very happy of it at first, going into the water drys out my skin very hard, however the warm swimming pool was good to joint and muscles and in a hard  training schedule, at the end of the three weeks I felt it really necessary to go and move in warm water. Then I instantly felt the pain to go away. But also afterwards, in Sweden, I felt a much better health condition from it.


After three weeks the morning routine of gymnastic had become harder and harder. I had to force myself really really hard make the exercises, to think about the positions and try to hold out the entire time that we were told to.  Everyday, even though for just half an hour was enough for us to become very tired.  The body suffered hard and I was really tired. The three weeks improved my training routines, and I pushed myself hard.  I am pleased with the training and the food and what it actually did in health matter to my body. I hope this will inspire you to take a training travel. I really did enjoy it and I hope you will do to.

Results that pay off


I went walking to another top with some friends. I been running for some days and I got pain in my knees. I was told that the material are hard to run on, I therefor search for a different material to run on. Finally, after a few days I found the right place to run on.

Photographer Sophie Berg

I realised that it was after hard work of training that I managed to run this road in the middle of the day at lunchtime. It was warm and steep and I wouldn’t have managed to do this running time at the beginning of the trip.