The strategic choice

There comes time when we have to look deep into our selves and realise to understood fully ourselves. Sometimes we believe that we are in a certain way and we are than put into situations where reality shows that it is in an other way than what we expected.

Working hard In Teneriffa gave me a good ground to continue my training on when I came home. I almost immediate started to go to the fitness centre, aware of that if I didn’t continue to exercise I would loose the result I now had, so I  went back to my gym and continued to do training.

Always when I am training I try to push myself. I always think how to become better and I think of training progress in the long term. So I improved my results slowly. And in the end I started to find it less challenging and I wanted something for. There it was, one day I found the crossfit. It is different, I got a coach and that has helped me to find new muscles that I didn’t used so much before. But what more, I discovered something about myself-I didn’t knew how to improve better myself. I was pleased, I pushed myself hard at the gym. I sweat strong and my physic improved, so what could actually be wrong?

Summing up, we all have a choice to make to be in the comfort zoon or to try to take yourself out from it. I am so happy I did. I believe I made a good strategic choice for improvement in my training condition.

Walking in the Mountain of Teneriffa


photographer Sophie Berg

I wanted to look around and discover a different environment of Teneriffa. Normally I trained along the beach or up on the hills but this time we rented a bus and walked in the mountains.

How beautiful it was! What a splendid view. I was so surprised about how it look, I was expecting something else. It was very nice to walk there and the weather wasn’t good along the beach so we didn’t really missed anything.

A few days past and we were normally eating at the hotel. Now we ate at one restaurant in the mountains. They served us tapas, with local sausages, pimentos, cheese many small and delicious dishes.

It was a very nice day to walk. The physical effort was not as big as normal days, however we were walking for many hours. It was a day of rest and pleasure.