Walking in the Mountain of Teneriffa


photographer Sophie Berg

I wanted to look around and discover a different environment of Teneriffa. Normally I trained along the beach or up on the hills but this time we rented a bus and walked in the mountains.

How beautiful it was! What a splendid view. I was so surprised about how it look, I was expecting something else. It was very nice to walk there and the weather wasn’t good along the beach so we didn’t really missed anything.

A few days past and we were normally eating at the hotel. Now we ate at one restaurant in the mountains. They served us tapas, with local sausages, pimentos, cheese many small and delicious dishes.

It was a very nice day to walk. The physical effort was not as big as normal days, however we were walking for many hours. It was a day of rest and pleasure.

Tempations in the sun

Day 3 past and at day 4 I turned sick. However I was very quick back in shape.

When you are in a hotel and you look a great buffet, your are exposed to temptations. I believe that on such an offer there are healthy alternatives that you can find. Here are some of my choices.

fruit to eat in the morning or as dessert


water melon, grilled cauliflower, straberries
A buffet of fruit served at breakfast
And for dinner a buffet of Tapas was served.