The challenge of 2016, to combine time and training

I had some chance between the days to do some fitness training between but then the Sylvester came and it was a new year with new hopes and goals to reach. I welcomed 2016, hopefully it could be a year of lots of fun.


Happy New Year and Happy New Training

With the new year and all the good food and candy that we eat it is time to start training for real. With the new year it creates a body full of energy and power to change the outcome of 2016. Now it is time to put up new goals to accomplish. For 2016 I wish you all the best for your training.


Running with an ironman

Before Christmas I ran with an ironman. It was dark outside but many people parked there cars and drive after work to run. It is a nice and fresh idea to come outside and work


Running on training travel

2015 was a great year. I had the chance to go to Teneriffa and I took all the chance I had to do as much training as I could. This marvelous beaches and mountains inspired me to work my body as in such a good shape as I could. But after three weeks I had to return back home again, knewing that the greatest challenge was to come.


To combine work and training

It is always a matter of time for me. I love training but during so many years of my life from the school time and after that I had not so much time. In fact one of my most important insight of 2015 is how I acted to increase my training hours.