The strategic choice

There comes time when we have to look deep into our selves and realise to understood fully ourselves. Sometimes we believe that we are in a certain way and we are than put into situations where reality shows that it is in an other way than what we expected.

Working hard In Teneriffa gave me a good ground to continue my training on when I came home. I almost immediate started to go to the fitness centre, aware of that if I didn’t continue to exercise I would loose the result I now had, so I  went back to my gym and continued to do training.

Always when I am training I try to push myself. I always think how to become better and I think of training progress in the long term. So I improved my results slowly. And in the end I started to find it less challenging and I wanted something for. There it was, one day I found the crossfit. It is different, I got a coach and that has helped me to find new muscles that I didn’t used so much before. But what more, I discovered something about myself-I didn’t knew how to improve better myself. I was pleased, I pushed myself hard at the gym. I sweat strong and my physic improved, so what could actually be wrong?

Summing up, we all have a choice to make to be in the comfort zoon or to try to take yourself out from it. I am so happy I did. I believe I made a good strategic choice for improvement in my training condition.