Everyday we meet obstacles that cross our way, however with the age we become better and better to fight them.


There are physical and mental and I would say that the mental one is hardest. Maybe it is because that it hurt the most. I saw myself as invincible, communication is my strength but instead I ended up realizing that I have nothing and absolutely nothing to put against. I am fighting with a monster, and it is huge. And when I look at it from above I see myself as David fighting against Goliat. However, am I going to win, probably not, the chance in inappreciable but still it is worth a chance to try it.


We grow up believing that the state is the one to rely upon when it is going not in your direction. Than when you need the support you realize that the conditions is not at all what you expected.


At the fitness centre I regain my strength-training makes me healthier

I got some help out, from great friends, and than my throttle out has been the training. I been working all my waking ours to solve and explain the authorities what a locked entrance can cause and the consequence I got from it. In a normal word an easy thing to solve but in an administrative organizational structure it is a massive thing to sort out. Mentally I was broken physically I trained more focused than ever. The gym became a place to think things through, to regain power and heal. I changed my training program.

From leg to an all around program

You CAN do it

The changment consist of less training. Yes I actually trained every day in a hard tempo and found myself living in a stressful training world. So I changed. I now run less times but I gained more strength and find myself more mentally relaxed. I am almost back to my normal tempo again but I do it less often which is a time gain. The other days I change to a more arm focused training program. And one or two more days I skip the running and I am going directly from warming up to doing exercises with leg, abdominal, squat and free weight, medicine ball and I use most of the machines in the girl room that we have.

I gain an over all much better strength. I also gain a better strength in my wrist. This gave my a much better self-confidence. My damaged wrist gave my lots of trouble at the crossfit and made me realize believe that I couldn’t do it. Now when I slowly improved my strength in my wrist I got much less pain and I can take some more weight of it- After all I never that I could do it. Now I now I can.


Overcome your beast

Sometimes fighting the beast seems impossible however you can do it, you just don’t knew it. The thing is you don’t need to knew it you just have to act and move in the right direction, slowly you will overcome your fear and defeat the best. I got a job, actually two to solve my problem, than I focused to work on the thing I wanted to achieve. I did the work. So I had to work a lot, it didn’t fear me. I knew what I wanted. I crossed the obstacles, I finally overcame my beast